News and trends of interest to international business investors in the United States…

May 2015: “Key Business Issues to Consider When Making an International Location Decision” – Area Development on important location factors

January 2015: “Economic Sentiment Rises Among US Industrial Manufacturers” – PwC’s Q4 2014 Manufacturing Barometer shows optimism regarding the prospects of the US economy

November 2014: “Georgia Holds On To First Place” – Georgia ranks first in Site Selection Magazine’s 2014 State Business Climate ranking

August 2014: “The Shifting Economics of Global Manufacturing” – A study by the Boston Consulting Group highlights the manufacturing cost competitiveness of the US and Mexico

July 2014: “European Automakers Look to North America” – Area Development reflects on attractive location factors for automotive companies in North America

June 2014: “America’s New Industrial Boomtowns” – Forbes on new American Hot-Spots for manufacturing

June 2014: “FDI in U.S. Metro Areas: The Geography of Jobs in Foreign-Owned Establishments” – The Brookings Institution on employment in foreign-owned establishments

April 2014: “Manufacturing in America: Bigger, Better and Bolder” – Area Development reflects on the growing manufacturing sector in the United States